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What do you charge?
It depends on the venue, whether it is a weekday or weekend, and the number of performers you want to play.  It also depends on the type of event and the length of performance time, whether or not we have to provide sound, and miles traveled.  Big Whiskey can be booked as a solo, duo, trio, or a full band depending upon your needs.

Are you a Country Band?
Despite the name, we are not country.  Don't get us wrong we love all genre's of music but we have more of a southern feel than we do a country sound. More Sister Hazel than Hank Williams.

Does Big Whiskey play Weddings?
Of course we do. Being upfront we are not your typical wedding band.  We aim to please with our wide variety of material, and we encourage you to add songs of your choice to our setlist for your event.  We can even  MC your wedding for an additional charge.  We can also be booked for private parties, corporate functions, country clubs, and anywhere you can think to have Big Whiskey perform.  Email us for a complete songlist. 

Where Can I Purchase Big Whiskey Merch?
The easiest way  is right here on our site. We currently do not sell any merch at our shows.  That will change when our new cd is available.  There are several options for you to support Big Whiskey.  You can purchase the entire CD for only $6, or there is also the option to simply purchase one song at at time through our BW I Tunes section.  Please browse around the site, let us know what you think, and most of all, thank you for taking the time to think about our band.

Stolen Guitar

Stolen Guitar $100 Reward
Monday Jan. 27th my guitar was stolen from Cheeseburger in Paradise (eastgate). It's completely my fault but nonetheless we're out $1000.  Anyhow it's a Breedlove , and it's actually Micah's guitar. I would feel better had my guitar been stolen. 

If you can help me spread the word and keep an eye out for it I'd greatly appreciate it. I'll pay anyone $100 for it's return, no questions asked.  Here are some pics of the guitar.

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